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  • Ardui-no pown Android by Antoine Cervoise

Arduino is used as a keyboard for powning Windows, Linux or Mac OS by dropping a reverse shell. What if a Unicorn wants to do something similar on Android?


  • Firefox’ Containers Feature by Stéphanie Ouillon

Let’s talk about a new feature coming in Firefox Nightly called the Containers Feature, which enables users to login to multiple accounts on the same site simultaneously and gives users the ability to segregate site data for improved privacy and security.


  • Amsterdamize your firewall by Éric Leblond

Amsterdam is a Suricata docker container based system that is really easy to extend. Talk will show how you can add firewall logs to it.


  • SANS ISC Honeypot network by Xavier Mertens

The SANS ISC (“Internet Storm Center”) is operating a worldwide network of honeypots. Recently a dedicated version of Cowrie was released to be used with a Raspberry Pi. We also collect 404 logs and firewall logs (or any “IP based” logs) to feed the DShield database. We need you to collect more and more useful data!


  • The guide of a security jerk by Clément Oudot

I will try to explain in 3 minutes how to be a jerk in security


  • Automatic cleanup of emails …because email clients suck at it and you don’t have bitcoins by Raphaël Vinot

Did you know that thunderbird cannot filter emails on attachments? Also, who in your family ever receive a legitimate office document with a macro? or a javascript? or an exe file? How often do they click on it and you ended up having to play helpdesk?

I developed a tiny tool that get an email, process it and returns a sanitized version, with log files: https://github.com/CIRCL/PyCIRCLeanMail

It is far from being usable by a non-dork, but this is the plan, and I’ll explain how.


  • REbus: make your security tools cooperate by Raphaël Rigo

REbus facilitates the coupling of existing tools that perform specific tasks, where one’s output will be used as the input of others.


  • Binsec in practice by Robin David

I will in few minutes, shows some functionalities of BINSEC, and especially how to break the first FlareOn challenge.


  • RMLLSEC16: Feedback & lessons learned (or not…) by Christophe Brocas