Hands-on security for DIY projects

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Internet of Things (IoT) is the new trend in IT talks, meetings and magazines. Security communities follow the hype: most of the infosec conferences have already discussed how to break into a doorbell, a car, a toilet… As IoT diffused in the last years, so do DIY projects thanks to Arduino project, Raspberry Pi project and low cost 3D printers. You can easily find books about DIY in a bookstore, magazines are dedicated to this subject, and the web is full of blog about it. We know we must be careful of IoT and all its vulnerabilities… But we should also consider security while making a DIY project.
From the Raspberry Pi used as a Media Center in the living room to the DIY Arduino Meteo Station in the garden, all these projects may come with their vulnerabilities. This talk will deal with bad and good examples from magazines and blogs showing how it can be easy (sometimes easier than with an IoT device) to introduce yourself into someone else network.
The aim of this presentation is not to find vulnerabilites in Raspian Packages and deduct that DIY is a major source of threats, but to share some thoughts on building safer DIY projects.


Antoine Cervoise



Antoine is an IT security engineer, skilled in infosec incident handling, pentest and audit. He enjoys I.T., electronics and D.I.Y. beers by night… and he’s fond of cigars!