Building A Poor man’s Fir3Ey3 Mail Scanner

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Today, web surfing and email remain the common vectors of infection. Every day spam campaigns are flooding our mailboxes with tons of malicious attachments trying to lure our beloved users. There exist solutions to automatically analyze emails content like the well-known Fir3Ey3 EX appliance. However, these toys are very expensive.
In my talk, I’ll briefly review different methods used by attackers to deliver and execute payloads on the victim computer. In a second phase, I’ll explain how to build a light platform to process malicious attachments on the fly and analyse them using VirusTotal and OLE analysis tools (the process being based on open source source solutions and a self-developed tool).
Besides blocking malicious content, the goal is this platform is also to collect IOC’s to share to improve detection with 3rd party tools.


Xavier Mertens



Xavier Mertens is a freelance security consultant based in Belgium. His job focuses on protection his customer’s assets by applying “offensive” (pentesting) as well as “defensive” security (incident handling, log management, SIEM, security visualisation). Xavier is also a security blogger, a ISC SANS handler and co-organizer of the BruCON security conference.