GNU Taler: Payments for the Common Good

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GNU Taler is a new payment system from the GNU project designed primarily around socio-economic goals. This talk will focus on the impacts we expect the Taler payment system will have on society.

We will describe how Taler balances transparency and privacy, and also look at more subtle issues like the fee structure and the resulting economic relationships between parties involved in payment systems.

Afterwards, the audience should have an idea of the social implications of adopting Taler and the limitations contemporary payment systems impose on our society.

Christian Grothoff , Sva .
Christian Grothoff is leading the Décentralisé team at Inria Rennes. He maintains GNUnet, a network designed with the goal to provide privacy and security without the need for trusted third parties. He earned his PhD in computer science from UCLA, an M.S. in computer science from Purdue University, and a Diplom in mathematics from the University of Wuppertal.

sva plays an active role in the one of the oldest hacker associations in the world, the Chaos Computer Club & its conferences and also (co-)founded and mentored various hackspaces. Among hackers in India she might also be known for her work on kickstarting the idea of hackercamps like and Besides sva held multiple cryptoparties and is also a member of the cryptoparty-admin-team. Today she continues working on the goal to have privacy by default for everyone together with the Swiss p≡p foundation. She holds a diploma/master in social/cultural anthropology, philosophy and computer science from Munich.

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